Using Reiki, and Other Types of Energy Bodywork to Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit

Energy healing has a very long history with human-kind.  It is an ancient technique for restoring body, mind, and spirit to balance.

Once well-known, and then regulated to the shadows for a very long, dark period of history, energy bodywork has again made its entrance into our lives in a very real way.  Now being used by Nurses (healing touch) and by doctors and hospitals throughout the USA, energy healing is beginning to assume it's rightful place in health care management.

Below is a video that contains an interview with Dr. Oz of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and with a patient at the UCLA Pediatric Clinic.

Yoga Lola Studios

Lola does all her work out of Yoga Lola Studios.  She offers both local and long-distance healing services.  Yoga Lola Studios is physically located in League City, Texas, in between Houston, Texas and Galveston, Texas. Our street address is  1701 Hwy 3 South, League City, Texas 77573.  You can visit our full website at:

Energy work assists you in balancing and enhancing your natural radiance and health by opening up the body's own energetic flow.  

These sessions are a wonderful way to release old sorrow, grief, or pain; it is a powerful experience of deep  relaxation.

Read an excellent article here:

Here is a very profound article about Energy Bodywork, and the impact this kind of practice is having on people and on the medical community itself.  Mind/Body Article.

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