Reiki by Lola: Energy Bodywork for a Balanced Body, Mind, and Spirit

Meet Lola

Lola is a veteran energy healer, trained by her grandmother at the age of 12 years old.  Lola has been working with clients for over 40 years using energy work, Reiki, and other natural and holistic methods that help the body, mind, spirit, and emotions reestablish balance and wellness.  Check our About Lola
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What is Reiki / Energy Healing?

Energy healing has a very long history with human-kind.  It is an ancient technique for restoring body, mind, and spirit to balance.

Once well-known, and then regulated to the shadows for a very long, dark period of history, energy bodywork has again made its entrance into our lives in a very real way.  Now being used by Nurses (healing touch) and by doctors and hospitals throughout the USA, energy healing is beginning to assume it's rightful place in health care management.

Great interview with a doctor at Ft. Belvor about using Reiki on soldiers. Learn now the military is using Reiki to help soldiers and family members recover from trauma and injuries.

Below is a video that contains an interview with Dr. Oz of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and with a patient at the UCLA Pediatric Clinic.

Energy Healing Mastery Course: Using Reiki, Shamanistic, & Spiritual Energy For Healing

Yoga Lola Studios is offering a unique and comprehensive, three-level 65-hour Energy Healing course. Upon completion, graduates will be a Level III Attuned Reiki master, and will have a deep knowledge of different types of healing traditions, including Shamanic healing, Spiritual Healing (working with Guides, Angels, and Ancestors), and working with color. Students graduate with a profound understanding of the many aspects required to effectively use and heal with energy.  Want to know more? Check out our website at

Upon completion, this course offers 37 CEs to LMTs.

To register, please contact Lola at 281-684-3168 or by email at

Why Energy Healing?

Although there are times when pharmaceuticals and surgeries are an absolute life-saving necessity, much of the time our current healthcare system uses a sledgehammer when just a tap would do.  In a report titled "Death by Medicine" a through investigation into the actual number of deaths caused by our current health-care system are astonishing and terrifying.  Read the report here:

Scientific Proof A-Plenty Exists Proving That Energy Healing Works

Energy healing, a non-invasive, drug-free approach to wellness, has been positively and scientifically proven to assist in healing. Its positive effects have been studied by scientists for a very long time.  In a number of studies, sick cells were put into petri dishes. (This was all done under rigorous scientific conditions.) The cells placed in the petri dishes that received energy healing showed a marked improvement, whereas those that were not given energy healing showed no improvement. There are many scientific studies showing the efficacy of energy healing in helping the body repair itself.  To watch a documentary on this, click on the following link:

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Regaining Balance:
Energy Healing Sessions

Energy work assists you in balancing and enhancing your natural radiance and health by opening up the body's own energetic flow.  

These sessions are a wonderful way to release old sorrow, grief, or pain; it is a powerful experience of deep  relaxation.  You can sign up for sessions on the Appointment page.

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