Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, Light Worker

Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, Light Worker, Yogi, Life Coach, Herbal Wellness Consultant

Lola Scarborough is the co-owner and Managing Partner of Yoga Lola Studios, a yoga, learning, & healing center located in League City, TX.  Yoga Lola Studios is in its 9th year of business.  Lola is a certified Level III Reiki master. Taught the art of "hot hands" and "pulling pain" by her grandmother when she was only 12, she has had a lifetime to develop her healing skills.

Lola has been using energy healing to help people live better lives for over 40 years. She has mastered and practices many different kinds of healing techniques, including pranic healing, quantum-touch, shamanic healing, and more.  In addition to working with clients using energy healing, she also often recommends specific crystals or gems, aromatherapy scents, breathing or meditative practices, and/or dietary changes to clients to help them speed their healing.  Astrology is also sometimes a part of her approach in working with a client.

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Lola offers both personal and long-distance healing services to those who need her services.  Visit for more information about Lola and other services provided by Yoga Lola Studios that provide health & healing as well.

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