Reiki Training - Energy Mastery Course

Reiki, Yoga Therapy, Life Coaching, and Nutritional Counseling. 

2015 Graduating Class! Go Healers!

65-Hour Reiki Levels I-III Certification and Energy Mastery Course

Yoga Lola Studios offers a unique and comprehensive, three-levell 65-hour Energy Healing course.   Upon completion, graduates are a Level III Attuned Reikii practitioner and have a deep knowledge of different types of healing traditions, including Shamanic healing, Spiritual Healing (working with Guides, Angels, and Ancestors), and working with color.  Download flyer hereUpon completion, this course offers 37 CEs for LMTs.

Students graduate our program with a profound understanding of the many aspects required to effectively use and heal with energy.  In addition to graduating with a Level III Reiki certification and a solid understanding how energy is used to heal, students are equipped with the fundamental business tools required to work as a Energy bodyworker.  Our course includes topics that cover  appropriate client interaction etiquette, insurance requirements, risk management, and business aspects. 

Reiki Certification Component

  1. Level I: Weekend 1. Gain a basic understanding of what Reiki is, its history and origins, and how it can be used for healing. Emphasis is on selfl-healing and opening up to a new sense of how energy flows and can be channled through the body. Students receive Level I attunement.
  2. Level II: Weekend 2. Deepening and broadening the use of Reiki through learning methods and techniques that allow students to begin sending distance healing and local healing on others. Students receive Level II attunement. After Level II attunement, two Practicums are held at Yoga Lola, allowing students to put into practice their newly learned (or newly enhanced!) skills.
  3. Level III: Weekend 3. Adding even more to the depth and breadth of the Reiki Level II methods, this final layer of training completely opens students to the full power of their healing abilities. Students receive their Level III, Reiki Practitioner, attunement.

World-Wide Exploration of Energy Healing Traditions

Our program is culturally rich.  We teach not only traditional Reiki, but many other practices from other traditions as well.  In our classes, we explore energy healing from around the globe! As we travel the world and look at many different healing tradititions, we discover how other medicine men and women, shamans, and energy workers also use energy-transfer practices within their cultures to heal themselves and the sick.

Reiki & Chakras & Dowsing & Crystals & More

We explore many other modalities that give our healing practice power and depth.  Here are just some of the other topics we cover:

  • Yogic techniques for raising healing energy in the body and healing with the eyes and at a distance (no yoga experience necessary - these are breathing exercises and hand movements only – there are NO actual yoga exercises done in the course);

  • a full understanding of the chakra system;

  • use of color and sound with healing;

  • use of simple crystals to boost healing energies;

  • self-healing;

  • healing others: people, animals, the planet, and beyond;

  • distance healing;

  • healing with the eyes;

  • cleansing, clearing and preparing oneself and the environment for giving a healing session and after;

  • use of dowsing tools;

  • working with clients and bedside manners;

  • business and ethical aspects of doing Energy Bodywork professionally; and

  • Practicum: Healing workshops, where students work with actual clients (this is a donation-based event, and all collections for your healing work will be donated to a charity).    

Course Begins 07/2016

  • Level 1:  8am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday, July 9 & 10 (Level 1 Reiki Certification)

  • Level 2: 8am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday, July 23 & 24 (Level II Reiki Certification)

  • Level 3: 8am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday, August 6 & 7 (Level III Reiki Certification)

  • Practicum Workshops: Wednesday July 27 from 3-7pm and Monday, August 1, 3-7pm

 Registration, Payment, Terms & Conditions

Students are required to take ALL three parts of the course in order to graduate.  All levels are required.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  In order to receive any credit, including CEUs, if any, students MUST complete all 3 weekends.

All applicants are required to complete a registration form as part of signing up for the course.  Please complete the registration form and return it via email to or in person at Yoga Lola Studios.

Registration begins February 2016.  REGISTER NOW!  Click for registration form

Registration is complete once payment is received.  Upon receipt of payment,  you will be immediately scheduled for the course. 

Click here to make payment.

Tuition includes all materials used in the course (books, dowsing tools, feathers, incense, etc.)  Payment must be made in full 45 days prior to the beginning date of the course.

Early Bird, before April 1, 2016:  $1275.00           Regular Registration (after April 1, 2016): $1475          

Course begins July 9, 2016, at 8am at Yoga Lola Studios.  Download flyer here

Additional terms and conditions, and information about the refund policy, are contained in the Registration form. 

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