Testimonials About Reiki Training & Energy Work with Lola

Below are some reviews from the students who took Lola's training Energy Mastery Course in 2015:

I attended the Energy Mastery course in July/August 2015 wherein I became Reiki certified...Read More >>

I attended Lola Scarborough's 65 hour Energy Mastery Course over July and August of 2015; Lola's years of experience in the field and her ability to articulate the concepts combined with effective practicums, which included working with the public, provided me with a high level of confidence after graduating from the course...Read More >>

I had the pleasure of attending Lola Scarborough’s 65 hour Energy Mastery Course over July and August of 2015.As Lola guided us through the different types of energy healing techniques, healing etiquette we should use with our clients...Read More >> 

I attended, participated in, appreciate and apply the training I received in Lola Scarborough's Energy Mastery Course the summer of 2015. This well-organized, 65-hour course...Read More >>

The Energy Mastery Course offered at Yoga Lola Studio during July through August 2015 was very well organized, intensive and informative...Read More >>

 I was fortunate enough to have been able to attend Lola Scarborough's Energy Master Course in July and August of 2015. It was, by far, one of the most amazing experiences of my life...Read More >>

I attended Lola Scarborough's Energy Mastery Course in July -August 2015. I was truly impressed with the organization and thoroughness of the course..              Read More >>

Here is an interview with some of our students who have experienced healing sessions with Lola. 

Also, here is a very profound article about Energy Bodywork, and the impact this kind of practice is having on people and on the medical community itself.  Mind/Body Article.

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